Professional Trainings

My Trainings

1.  Training on The future of innovation in diagnostics & healthcare in Bangladesh. ( Period: 20 January to 21 January, 2023).

2.  Training on Public Financial Management (PFM) for Health sector Organized by Institute of Public Finance Bangladesh , Finance Division, Ministry of Finance. (Period: 18 May to 22 May 2022)

3. Skill Development On Construction of OSPE/OSCE, organized by BCPS, Period:21 Sep,2019.Mohakhali,Dhaka.

4. Foundation Training,  organized by  BARD, Period:10 May, 2018.Kotbari,Comilla.

5. “Developing A Business Plan” Jointly Organized by International Finance Corporation (IFC) SEBA Limited & Small & Cottage Industries Training Institute (SCITI), BSCIC. Held on May, 4 to 6, 2014.

6. Burn Management, organized by WHO & DGHS, Dhaka,Bangladesh, Period: 23-24 May, 2014.

7. Adolescent Health, organized by DGHS,Dhaka, Bangladesh), Period: 26-27 January, 2013.

8.  Attended as Participant in the Training Programme on ” Communication Skill Development and IT”. Jointly Organized by BCPS and DGHS. Held on 21 to 25 April, 2012.

9.  “Training of Trainers on caring for Handling Victims of violence Against Women” Jointly Organized by Goverment of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Gender, NGO and Stakeholder Participation Unit. Held during 29 to 31 January, 2011.

10.  Gender, NGO & Stakeholder Participation, organized by GNSP, Period:Held during 29-31 January 2011.

11. Symposium and Workshop on Hemophilia , organized by NMO of the World Federation of Hemophilia., Period: 14-15 Nov, 2009.

12. Diagnosis & Management of Childhood TB, organized by NTCP, Damien Foundation, Period: 12-14 Nov, 2009

13. “Writing A Dissertation” Organized by Research and Training Monitoring Committee of Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons. Period: 2 to 5, june 2008.

14. “50 Hours English Language Training Course” From Rajshahi Medical College. (5th August to 12th September, 1996).