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Reticulocyte Hemoglobin Equivalent (Ret-He) as a Potential Diagnostic Marker of Iron Deficiency Anemia among Bangladeshi Adults

Euphorbia neriifolia Leaf Juice on Mild and Moderate COVID-19 Patients: Implications in OMICRON Era

Identification of Leading Compounds from Euphorbia neriifolia (Dudsor) Extracts as a Potential Inhibitor of SARS- CoV-2 ACE2-RBDS1 Receptor Complex: An Insight from Molecular Docking ADMET Profiling and MD simulation Studies

রক্তস্বল্পতায় হার্ট ফেইলিউর(Anemic heart failure)……Read the details on the page below

Characteristics of Haemophilia Patients: A One-Year Experience from A Tertiary Care Hospital in Bangladesh; Haematology Journal of Bangladesh; Morsed Zaman Miah, Rafi MA, Hasan MK

Bacterial Aetiology of Bloodstream Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern in a Tertiary Hospital of Northern Bangladesh: Analysis of Current Situation; Morsed Zaman Miah, Md. Abdur Rafi, Md. Azizul Haque, Md. Khondekar Faisal Alam; Haematology Journal of Bangladesh.

The Orion Medical Journal: Pattern and epidemiology of hemoglobinopathies in northern Bangladesh, Dr. M. Morsed Zaman Miah; Md. Abdur Rafi; Haematology Journal of Bangladesh

Diagnosed hematological malignancies in Bangladesh – a retrospective analysis of over 5000 cases from 10 specialized hospitals; M. Morsed Zaman Miah and Others; BMC Cancer Journal

Risk factors and etiology of neonatal sepsis after hospital delivery: A case-control study in a tertiary care hospital of Rajshahi, Bangladesh; M. Morsed Zaman Miah; PLOS ONE

Congenital sideroblastic anemia treated as thalassemia major; M. Morsed Zaman Miah; M Z Miah, M Morshed, R K Chowdhury , Mymensing Medical Journal;

Dominance of Staphylococcus aureus in clinical specimens in Islami bank hospital, Rajshahi, Bangladesh; M. Morsed Zaman Miah; International Journal of Scientific Reports

Niemann-Pick Disease Type B in a 21 Year Old Male; Mymensing Medical Journal; M. Morsed Zaman Miah

Pattern of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies among anemic under-five children of Northern Bangladesh: a hospital based cross sectional study; M.A. Rafi, M. Morsed Zaman Miah and M.G. Hossain.

Euphorbia neriifolia Leaf Juice on Mild and Moderate COVID-19 Patients: Implications in OMICRON Era. Euroasian J Hepato-Gastroenterol 2022; Miah MMZ, Ahmed I, et al, 12(1):10–18