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হেয়ারি সেল লিউকোমিয়া দেখতে কেমন?

হেয়ারি সেল  লিউকোমিয়া  দেখতে কেমন হয়?

এটি লিম্ফোমা নামক এক ধরনের ব্লাড ক্যান্সারের ভ্যারাইটি।
পেরিফেরাল ব্লাড ফিল্মেও এটি পাওয়া যায়। দেখতে মাথার চুল কাটার পর খাড়া খাড়া চুল গুলো দেখতে যেমন হয়, অথবা ডিম পোচের মত।
Neoplastic cells are medium-sized (slightly larger than small lymphocytes) with pale cytoplasm, with characteristic villous cytoplas-mic projections.The nuclei are oval and often reniformor bean-shaped central nuclei and clumped (granular) or evenly dispersed chromatin, inconspicuous nucleoli, and smooth nuclear membrane. Occasional cases of HCL may display unusual cytology,including blastoid features or highly irregular nuclei.

Bone marrow triphne biopsy:

The most common pattern is an interstitial infiltrate, which tends to preserve the marrow adipose tissue. HCL infiltrate may induce an extravasation of red blood cells (similar to the pattern observed in the spleen), with creation of blood lakes. The neoplastic cells have an abundant pale cytoplasm with distinct border sand a central nucleus, giving rise to the so-called “fried-egg” or“honeycomb” appearance. The HCL infiltrate is often inconspicuous, especially in the early phase of the disease, due to widely spaced, small lymphoid cells with pale cytoplasm, which blend into the residual normal marrow element, making their identification difficult on H&E sections. Immuno-histochemical staining with CD20 helps to identify leukemic cells and establish the degree of BM involvement, which often is underestimated on H&E examination alone.
Ref. Atlas of differential diagnosis in neoplastic Haematopathology.
Patient: Mr. Younus Ali
Age: 36 Years Gender:  Male
Report Status     : 17/9/2022   4:24:00PM
Overall  flow  cytometric  findings  are  consistent  with  CD5 and  CD10 negative  B  cell lymphoproliferative disorder. In view of positivity for hairy cell markers (CD25, CD103, CD123, CD200 and CD11c), features are suggestive of the Hairy cell Leukemia (HCL).

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